I have, I believe, made myself clear in my past posts concerning prophecy to be pre millennial in my understanding of the scriptures. And that position I believe to be solidly based upon Jesus’ own teachings in the Gospels and the Revelation.

I have also understood that there is a large segment of the Church today that sees things that are happening as a positive leading to a different kind of millennial reign of Christ occurring through His church. This is seen, rather than the move that I see occurring (based on scripture), leading us toward Tribulation. In this alternative scenario now being presented, which is a postmillennial rather than a tribulational premillennial view, we are to be in a move toward a mystical millennium wherein God cleans house of the evil that has risen in our midst. And somehow in the timeframe of that mystical millennium He brings a long lasting revival wherein His Christ rules the earth through His church.

So which understanding is correct? There are certainly things happening in this country which could lead to this postmillennial scenario provided that it is God’s truth that we are hearing. There is certainly potential for an awakening brought on by the unveiling of the evil and deception that is now being revealed in our government. The voter fraud investigations by the state legislatures should they catch on and should the average man on the street begin to see the corruption for what it is within the controlling party, which Conservatives have known for sometime to exist; then under such conditions there is hope for the US, but I fail to see how the turn around in the United States of America (even if it were to occur), can have the broad range reformation and revival in the rest of the world. A condition which must occur in order for postmillennialism to succeed as these see it coming.

Men are not today growing more righteous in this world. The modern tendency is more toward evil, even as Paul has stated that it would be.

And at the same time that this world and this country are displaying a stronger bent toward evil we are seeing another prophetic sign of last days prophecy, which is the rise of an eastern superpower China, with the ability to mount a 200,000,000 man army as spoken of in the book of the Revelation.

But what is just as great a sign of our times is the antichrist antichurch, antisemitic spirit that is prevalent throughout the earth. During the Tribulation evil is seen to be running rampant over good. Men are seen as sheep being led to a satanic slaughter without repentance. Godly men are seen as being wiped out to near extinction, with only a remnant remaining, even as it was long ago in Israel’s history when they killed the prophets. Only then is Jesus seen returning to a world where faith is difficult to find. But He does return and He does take vengeance upon the evil and He does reign, and at His return He does resurrect and Rapture His people. This is the blessed hope of the believer.

Add to all this that there is some fear abounding concerning China and Russia working together to take over this now weakened country.

This is a very serious time in the history of the creation of humankind. There is no doubt that this current government is weakened to the point that we may be completely vulnerable to this kind of cyber hiTeck War where no shots may be fired to actually accomplish our defeat. We have a weakened economy; a weakened military, as well as a weak and corrupt leadership.

God is the final say as to, who is correct; and as to what is truth; especially as to our responsibility to Him as told us in scripture.

And there is one more consideration about which I have previously written. It deals with the pre-Trib Rapture. If such a Rapture were to occur today or immediately as many are stating; then there would be, as the believers in this timing of Rapture themselves describe it: — a total Chaos. But none of this pre-Trib chaos is ever mentioned in the prophetic scripture. So, the greatest event, according to these men, to ever occur will be the resurrection and pre-Trib Rapture, but it has no mention as to the impacts of its having occurred on the world. A world which then is seen entering The Tribulation. In fact the only event that will be able to overshadow and incorporate such chaos accompanying the Rapture, when it actually does occur, is the Second Coming events of the Messiah, which will be accompanied with a wrath resulting in total destruction of evil coming from the Lamb Himself. There are no such events seen at any other time than that of the period following The Tribulation, for then we will see this chaos accompanying Christ’s return with the destruction that it brings, including any destruction associated with the rapture.

Does this mean that we cannot see a turn around in this country before we enter the Tribulation? — No, but using only biblical prophecy, it is not the most likely occurrence. Still we can pray to that end.