In recent months surrounding the 2020 election there had been a rumble concerning our power grid going down. The first I had heard circulating had to do with our military taking back the country due to the CCP’s involvement in our elections and in the placement of Biden in power in order to take control of our country.

Now from different sources we are hearing that the CCP in league with the deep state will be taking down our power grid to induce chaos and to keep the truth which is now being uncovered in the Arizona election Audit from coming to light.

What we do know is that cyber attacks are in the news. And we know that election fraud is now exposed in Arizona, and is about to be revealed Nationally. We know from investigations conducted on behalf of Mike Lindell’s team that they have uncovered The CCP’s involvement in the election steal. So would such moves on behalf of that nation be logical? And what if this were to happen? Would we as a nation survive? It actually makes some sense that the deep state who took part in this election and CoVid fraud would do anything to save their bacon, after all they have already been playing the part of traitors.

We as believers must pray and remember that if God is for us who can be against us.

Today I’m sharing an article relating the scientific deception “portion” of the deep states roll in our last 16 months. We cannot know just how far the CCP and the deep state will go when the coverup fails.

Today’s shared article:

How Asymptomatic COVID Spread Used To Lockdown The World Was Based On A Lie