“Check Our Watch”

It is Interesting to me how convoluted the Dispensational message has been when viewed over time. And Terry is solidly in that camp.

Beginning in the mid 1800’s Dispensationalist eschatology became prominent. The message spread in the US with the printing of the Schofield study Bible. His teaching was for a specific watchfulness that we hear little about today (one without signs). The cry at that time was that of the imminent return of Christ. It was imminent to him because obviously from the very time of Christ, men were considered to all be told by Him to watch for His Second coming. There were to be no signs for this Rapture portion of His coming for which believers were to watch, because it was imminent (an any moment, and definitely unknown by anyone including Christ Himself event).

Today the watchfulness is of a different nature; it is to occur imminently today because the signs are already being seen. Their is a complaint in Terry’s messages including this particular message which I have included, that states that no one is paying attention to our times. And more specifically to what is being revealed by God to us that this is the time in which we are to be watching for not Christ’s coming to free the earth from evil, but for (the Rapture), — because of what? Is it because Jesus told every believer throughout history to watch for the rapture? — No, it is because we are to see the signs, and every believer is to know and watch these signs. If that is the truth that Terry now sees; then why did God use this dispensational teaching over the last almost 200 years to mislead believers who went before us?

When Jesus told us to watch He had given us the signs that we were to watch for, and there was no Rapture mentioned in connection with them until after what He called the Great Tribulation.

But today Terry a Dispensationalist still believes in an imminent (unknown as to the actual time of the event) coming, but now he knows that it is nearer because he is seeing the signs. So his understanding of what we are watching for is Christ’s coming to Rapture us before the Tribulation, and his main focus on what we are to watch for is still not on the signs that we actually see, but on a separate coming at an unknown but certainly now imminent time, which would be in the Dispensationalist’s thinking a snatching up unexpectedly of all believers; but at the same time a time that we are to have been looking for even without the signs that we are seeing. That concept to me is, as I stated, convoluted. We are seeing the signs today being set for a soon coming Tribulation, because The Father had given them to The Son for our understanding. We can then by these signs actually know that our time is close for Tribulation is also a sign, and it’s Antichrist figure is to be followed by our Lord’s coming. It is a time not imminent in our past, but which is now coming into view only because we see it’s signs, and as they progress His coming will certainly become imminent.

But does it make sense that Jesus would have required that all believers would have looked for His coming in the Rapture at a premature time — one that is not knowable, but yet is expected by our Lord to be knowable by all even those who never saw it’s signs, and, one which up until our own time could not possibly be known as to its beginnings? — because up until now there was actually little to no convergence of the signs of which Jesus spoke, and upon which He further expounded in the book of The Revelation.

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