All of the smoke that has been blowing about concerning Fauci, which you “science” followers believed, to be a fog of conspiracy theory, is now known to be real fire from the pits of hell, as Fauci dabbled with the CCP IN WHAT CAN ONLY BE SEEN AS A WEAPON AGAINST HUMANITY. But most of you Rhino’s and Democrats have gone silent and for some reason, most likely Its embarrassment. I hear nothing from you. The fires have burned away your ability to think. You believed the “science”, and now you find the conspiracy is not theory but truth, and you are fearful, if you are still able to reason, all over again. But this time not because of Trump, but because of what is really happening. The smoke surrounding Fauci is real. What of the smoke surrounding election fraud, it appears to be from the same 🔥 fire. States are doing their audits because of real smoke. You can’t even begin to think, and most of you will never admit, that the propaganda media calling itself “news” has so misled you. The fires of hell burning in the hearts and minds of BLM and ANTFA, have spread to destroy cities. Your government is now run by a puppet with full support from Hell.

Is there a way to stop these fires of the deceiver? It now appears that science, education, the governments and the Pope of the Catholic Church are all influenced by this deceiver, than by any love for freedom.

But is this not exactly why Jesus said “come out from among them”. Jesus did not mean that we were to stop pointing mankind to the smoke escaping from hell, but that we were not to partake of her lies. But will they listen?

It’s not yet too late to see the error of following after a lost world, but one day soon it will be. Be sure and read the following shared post.

Dr Anthony Fauci Threatened Indian Scientists To Withdraw Study Linking COVID-19 To AIDS Virus