Dr Cole has been studying this disease and the vaccines for months now. Today I’m sharing this podcast with you of his interview which I received yesterday. I received this in a text from my son Shawn, and in it he stated: this is what may have happened to your sister. I had dedicated a post to her a couple of weeks ago. She had had the second shot of the vaccine and within two weeks was hospitalized, and within two more weeks was deceased with a breathing and blood disorder. Yes she was sick to begin with but was home and she had been responding well to treatments. We did not report her as a vaccine related death, but was she?

Divine Appointments

Last night We were visited by a very nice couple, Tom and Maxine. Tom is an engineer and Attorney. We visited for a couple of hours. During that time Tom related his experience. He is a believer. He had had CoVid in March of 2020. He had a rather mild case. Tom is in the older age group with us. Approximately one year later he took the vaccine. Approximately three days later he was hit with a very severe shaking experience. He stated that it subsided within a day, but I couldn’t help but notice that when he sat still his head quivered. I didn’t ask about it, and will not, but this production of spike proteins does cause for lasting reactions. For some these are very severe and for some terminal.

The decision to take or not to take should be individual. We do not yet know the long term effects. We do know that the immune system is effected by this vaccine. It is actually changed to what end we do not know. The disease is treatable, and it is not terminal to most healthy people. Old people survive it at greater than a 95% rate. Younger adults at a much greater 99+% rate. Overall we survive at about the same as the flu survival rate. If the flu is a pandemic then CoVid is a pandemic. But the reaction to it is also a seemingly greater hazard to our society. The question is why? The potential answers are frightening.

If you are a believer in God’s hands for eternity; then you have a Divine appointment with death, and nothing will change that except maybe prayer, but even that change if we can call it that, is known to God before the foundation of the world. No matter if you have or have not taken the vaccine, you need not fear. Otherwise this vaccine appears to be a form of population control. But its’ creation is much more sinister even than that, and will, I firmly believe, impact these end times in which we live.

Here is the podcast: