But to show how farcical and ironic all this is we need to ask the whys of this fiasco. A vaccinated person can catch CoVid? A test that is proven unreliable can distinguish between CoVid and the spike protein in the vaccinated person? True Science is more under attack by the so called “science deniers” than by the left liars.

As soon as the third round was over, Rahm was approached and told that he was CoVid positive. He had been vaccinated. He reacted emotionally, — why not he had just shot the round of a lifetime and was leading the tournament by 6 strokes going into Sunday’s final round, which he was by the rules now disqualified from continuing. My question is when did they actually know that this second test was positive? Their rule is that he must withdraw after a second positive test result, once he has gotten a first test that is positive. If they knew these results at the 10th hole, or 11th, why did they disobey their own rule?

Secondly, why could Rahm not play on Sunday as a single? — the rules they make no sense. He was vaccinated; golf is an outside sport where the sunshine kills the virus; playing alone is social distancing and playing alone is the best form of being quarantined.

Thirdly, why are they even testing a man who was vaccinated if we all are being told that we must be vaccinated? Obviously there is no scientific value in this untested unproven CoVid vaccine. What is the real message here?

May I suggest that it is a phobia of a lie followed by a barrage of lies intended to cause the disruption of our election, our religions, our society, our businesses, and our lives. And it is a scientific farce which has cost us thus far trillions, and will possibly cost us this nation and its freedoms.

An addendum added Sunday, during the broadcast Sir Nick Faldo made the most intelligent observation concerning the forced withdrawal, that we must be careful we have not yet defeated this pandemic. But — No question as to how this could happen in a vaccinated individual.