The politics of this nation have turned rotten. They have allowed the rot of our society to take over in the streets of the cities. They harass the weaker members of society; the elderly, the Jews, the children, the small business. And the government has even turned their backs by non support for the agencies such as the police who are the protectors of these needing protection from bullies.

If the good folks of this country have to rise up to take this country back, then civil war will ensue. If we do we will be open as a country to external takeover. We seem to be doomed to lose the best country to have existed in the known history of creation.

I am attaching a podcast referencing our vulnerabilities under this Biden Harris Administration. Knowing that this country is seeing the blessing of God disappear from its soil and knowing that scripture does not mention the Eagle or US beyond its protection of Israel in Rev. 12, which protection seems to be very diminished; then are we at the precipice between this Human age and The Millennial Kingdom?

I’m not telling you that this is verified by me, but is it feasible in our day knowing what scripture says concerning the rise of China in the end time. Remember we are to be aware of our times. Jesus was critical of the Jewish leadership for not knowing their own times.

Be sure and listen to the Podcast below: