I am attaching an article written as a fact check against the argument put forth by citizens who are not in favor of reparations. That argument against reparations states that less than 2% of Americans actually owned slaves at the height of slavery in 1860. And though that number is true, still we need to look at the argument for Reparations in order to be objective. That article is attached. In it there is reference being made to Reparations activist Dr. Sandy Darity’s conclusions.

His argument goes to the fact that the family not just the owner of slaves was benefiting from that ownership. If we use his argument, which is based on the benefit derived from Slavery, we find that in the words of the Author “according to the Census of 1860, 30.8 percent of the free population in the confederacy benefited directly from owned slaves.”

Using these figures we can derive a worst case scenario as to those directly benefiting from slavery. Why should we consider these numbers? — because all of America is concluded to be racist today, based on slavery.

So let me bore you with the numbers. The total population in 1860 was 35.2 million. There were 4 million slaves included in this number. We must subtract the slave population.

This brings the total free population to 31.2 million. The population in the south according to this article of those free men was, “a free population of 5,582,222”. The number benefiting from slavery in the south is claimed to be 30.8% of this southern population, or 1,719,325 persons. This number is 5.51% of the total US population, who were in 1860 directly benefiting from Slavery in the United States. And this is a worst case scenario, because the actual number of slave owners was 316,632 in the 11 Southern US Slave States at the time.

So let’s try to put this into perspective. If 2% of Americans own multiple Mansions in multiple States and a total of 5.51% of the US population are in some way related to those owners and therefore in some way benefit from their riches, does that make you who live in the same state or in the same country rich by default. Now it is true, you may be rich, but not as a result of someone else owning multiply mansions.

We obviously had other racists in America who were not slave owners. In fact, not all slave owners were necessarily racist, but for one to conclude an entire white race to be racist because of slavery is sheer stupidity. There were even black slave owners.

Fortunately in this country stupid people can have an opinion as well, and we all can be stupid with some of our opinions, but today stupidity rules in the area of opinion, and common sense and logic are cancelled.

If you are a white conservative believer in Jesus as the Son of God you are labeled as white racist. If you are a liberal white you are helping to promote this theory, even though you are promoting it as a form of racism against yourself in the Black and brown skinned Americans among us.

Even though you have rejected the white race, you are still white, but you engage in a self pride that is akin to true racism in its sin against society, because you look down on your fellow whites and label them racist with no evidence to support your thinking. You feed a radicalized black racism against all whites.

As a believer if one is a believer, that one knows his own sin, because the indwelling Holy Spirit convicts us of our own sins as He performs His work in us. If racism is our sin certainly we should repent of it, but to be labeled racist by the world, when one is not, is of no benefit to anyone. If the world wants the sin of racism eradicated they must join us who are in Christ and come out of the world where Satan and sin reign in the hearts and actions of mankind. We who are now Believers in the Gospel have rejected our sin and in its place we have accepted the imputed righteousness of Jesus God’s Son. That teaching is about love. We are new creatures in Christ Jesus. Scripture tells us that God will judge us with the same measure with which we judge others. We then must be careful to never judge without evidence of wrong doing. The human race is systemically sinful, but to say that all whites are systemically racist is not a prudent generalization, and it will reap the discord we are seeing, and the judgement of God in like manner as you have sown it. A nation divided against itself cannot stand, and we are allowing ourselves to be destroyed through division.