It is interesting how even Science has been politicized over this virus that we have all been dealing with. Yes, we all have our bias, and during this time they have been very political.

I’m sharing an interview by a Medical Dr and Immunology scientist which was presented yet during the Trump era. I just ran across it, and not until the end did I realize that it was older, because it was dedicated strictly to the science, and seemed to be very objective and unchanged until this very day. I would recommend it to those who harbor fear, because this Scientist puts things in terms that we can relate to. Just for one example, he relates the death rate from CoVid to The risks from driving an Automobile. Which was ingenious in a sense, because it reveals how unreasonable it is for everyone to be fearful of this unseen decease.

Now not to give anything away, but, you need to understand that driving a vehicle can take on many forms. You can drive 5 miles at an average speed of 35 mph daily to and from work; or you can drive 500 miles at 155 mph average at the NASCAR speedways across the nation several times a week including practice. So if you fear or know someone who does, this listen is a good use of time. And even though it is a bit outdated, scientifically it is still on target with what is and has been going on because of COVID. Enjoy: