George Papadopoulos was interviewed by Stew Peters. As we listen to him it is obvious that he believes that nothing can stop the Durham take down of the deep state. He recognizes the depth of the current socialist interference in our military, and reveals that the purpose is to bring an adherence to a socialist WOKE MILITARY commitment as opposed to the past loyalty to our constitution.

His take on the present NWO Deep State involvement in this nation’s political affairs is coming not from Russia, China, and Iran, but instead from The UK; Australia, Italy and some Israeli involvement.

He states the end of Durham’s investigation is near and thinks that it could be brought forth with indictments in conjunction with the Arizona election fraud investigation result, at which time everything could be exposed.

The question that I believe is being overlooked is this: — What is God expecting from us in order to bring this kind of utopia on this present earth about? And what must happen to a world gone mad in order to see this accomplished. Will God bring blessing to this world who has rejected both Him and His people? And will God bless His people who have refused to obey Him? God Himself said to Israel: if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Even God does not promise to clean up the entire world even were His people to repent of their sin. We live in a land in America where it is difficult to observe the difference between the Church and the world. Yet this action by God contained in His word is what many Christians today are believing will happen. But His people are divided. Many Christians voted for this mess. This scenario is being based on the words of many prophets, and the hope that these prophesies are correct. They will only be correct if their words come to pass, but in their words is no call for repentance. God is certainly able, and I trust Him completely, but will He act where there is no effort to turn back to Him? When His people did not turn, the land was taken, and the people. Were led captive by the enemy.

So should we have any reason to be concerned? Here is my concern: the thinking is that God has allowed all of this corruption to be exposed in order to reveal the extent of it so that our citizenry will take part in a modern day great awakening complete with a conversion of our society to justice and righteousness.

Things are happening which God could turn to our good, but will we turn to Him as His people and do our part?

Here is a video with promise and hope for a people, but will God bring victory from it if He sees no contrition on the part of His own?