Dan Bongino

I’m listening to Dan today, and he makes two points. First point: we did what we formerly thought would bring us the win. We voted. It did not work. So we don’t stop voting, but what can we do to win? His answer: Convince your kids, your grandkids, your friends that they must search for truth, and ask the why’s of life.

I was, not long ago, discussing my book and my thoughts with a cousin, Bill Fisher, who felt the book worthwhile reading. He wanted to talk with me about it. He said, you wrote this for your family didn’t you? I answered, yes. Now in complete disclosure, I consider all Christians to be my family. But that is what Bongino’s second point is all about. We must try to reach our family with truth. My blog is my attempt to reach all of you, who will listen with truth. Some of the truth we are still searching for, but we must keep searching.

Unfortunately, not everyone in our Christian family and our immediate family; or even those among our non-Christian friends will listen. Bongino says that there is a great awakening taking place. What I know is that there is a great deception taking place, and that not everyone is deceived, but the great awakening may be just another deception. I’ll get to the why of that later.

For now, we must keep responding to the evil which is prevalent in our world, and we must continue giving out the truth. But we must also realize that we will not win over this world, but God will one day perhaps soon send back His Son to destroy it’s evil. This is the message of scripture.

Bongino should not be dismissed. He has many good ideas. So enjoy his take: