This interview is revealing in at least two ways. Number one there is a tendency on the part of Physian and scientist today to downplay what is actually happening due to their own knowledge or fear of cancellation. What is that knowledge based on? — that in our society even an expert in the field of science and or medicine can be quickly cancelled, and consequently have no further influence if one tells the whole truth as evidenced by the current reaction by our government and the media to truth.

Number two this is revealing, because it becomes obvious to Tucker and to most anyone with any degree of discernment that there is a problem in not just the US but in the world revealed in the desire to not treat CoVid patients. The question is why? The most obvious answer borders on the most sinister nature within man. Dr McCullough points out the code which is being violated by almost the entire world. It is the Nuremberg code of ethical practices. But again why? It would seem that the most vulnerable in society who are also the most susceptible are being put in line for elimination. Am I sinister for even thinking that? If rising health care costs are most prevalent in this group; is it possible that it has become necessary in the minds of those elite of our world that this elimination is necessary? Is that possibility seen what Governor Como did in NY?

Listen with an ear honed toward critical thinking.