What Then is the Meaning?

And the young people of BLM and ANTIFA are spurred on by the squad in Congress to put down the Jewish people. Anti Semitic sin is in America’s streets, and in its halls of Congress.

The Biden Administration is now in charge of the downfall of the things which go to make up the reason for God’s blessing on America. So with no direction leading us toward justice, and therefore no resistance from the government toward injustice; and no questioning by the media concerning these things; then we will continue to move toward the NWO plan, and an Antichrist lead world. That is the current path, unless God should intervene.

Meanwhile the battle for truth taking place in the Church of our day concerning where we are in prophecy is between the premillennialist and the postmillennialist. One believing that we are approaching the Tribulation followed by the return of the Lord to set up His millennial kingdom, and the other believing that we will see the establishment of God’s millennial kingdom through the Church accompanied by Christ’s reign through the Church, and this in order to see righteousness and justice established on the earth before Christ’s return. This long period of peace then representing a millennial period taking place prior to tribulation and Christ’s second coming.

The premillennial position requires, based on God’s literal word, that the world grow more and more evil, and more godless, much as we are seeing it evolve today. While the post millennial position demands a God ordained turn around, which would see the defeat of what is evil in this present world coupled with revival in the Church.

Our time therefore is critical for the Church as well as the world, because it will mean that we are in a period of time leading us to the establishment of the complete truth on these matters; and this for all of the Church, which today is divided in so many doctrines.

Also at stake in this division is the long-standing argument over the eternal security of the believer. Was Jesus serious about His warnings? One of which stated: if you deny Me, I will deny you before My Father who is in Heaven. Or are the warnings just there to keep us on track, with no real possibility that we might lose our direction? Thus having no real possibility of their ever coming to pass?

In this time in man’s history, as outlined in my book about this time, we will learn just what Jesus meant through His teachings; we will learn who is present; who is not, and what God holds to be most desirable in His people; for He will return for a church without spot or wrinkle as Paul tells us. One thing is. Retain we do not yet resemble that church. I suspect the bottom line will resemble this verse:

Now the just shall live by faith: but if any man draw back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. Hebrews 10:38 KJV

Here and now we speculate about these things. We the church, are much like the scientists. We are seeking out the truth. But most scientists will not buck what is popular at the time, because to buck the establishment is to lose ones reputation with the very people one seeks to influence. The above verse implies that there are at least two things which are foundational to God. One is Justice (the just shall live), and the other is the faith in God and in His truths, and directions concerning how to live as a just person in God’s sight. If then, there is a God standard for Justice; then we should by faith in His word know it and walk in it. If there is but one way to walk as an upright and just man before God, and that way is through faith, then we should learn all that we can about what it means to be men and women of faith.

Faith in scripture seems to be both a gift and a fruit. Romans tells us that all men are given the gift of faith, and that without faith one cannot be saved. But not all men are saved, so what are we missing? Faith can be misplaced, and without our having knowledge of the word and the resulting just works produced by it, it is dead according to James. To grow faith as a fruit, there is a requirement of separation from the world, and the daily commitment to walk in the Spirit, doing what is just in God’s sight, and imparting what we learn to all who will listen.

The world is destined to turn against Israel. Israel is where God’s people also have a destination to live and reign with Christ. And if we who are His fall into sin the Holy Spirit who dwells within will convict us of our sin, and we then are to repent or turn from that sin, asking for forgiveness. If believers in this country fail to have eyes to see and ears to hear then we will continue on this current path toward self destruction as a nation and as a world. But the just shall live by faith, the bride shall future make herself ready (Rev. 19), and Christ shall establish His millennial kingdom.