There is no male or female. Ironic the Bible says this also: “in Christ there is neither male nor female”. But that is a spiritual future promise, and it is not about switching sexes. Neither is what liberals believe to be “real science”. But, those telling us today that this is the reality have no belief in a literal scriptural interpretation, and use scripture only when it suits there aiding and abetting the enemy of Christ; for then they have no problem quoting scripture, but always out of context.

So one should consider that Satan also quotes scripture — and he often uses men, and he is a twister of truth to his own future destruction. Men, who do his bidding will reap the same.

This male or female though is not considered to be a religious argument to these “science”purveyors; it instead is their own understood to be scientific truth. They say that men can become pregnant. And they not only believe that to be the science, but they have somehow convinced the society and its representative media that to believe otherwise is a form of hatred, and certainly its unscientific. Many of you my Christian friends, have bought into these lies, simply because the media mindset today is to report only what a lost society is believing at this particular time to be true, and their truth makes it to be their science.

Also Consider:

Critical race theory; is espoused and propagated by our government as being a known disease and one accepted as scientific evidence as to the — what has become fact — that somehow only the white race is infected with racism. It further is understood that black racism, if it exists at all, is not racism, but only (to them) an expected outcome in reaction to white racism being acted out throughout history. Even if there is some truth used in this fake science, it totally and completely overlooks the factual evidence that other races act out in the very same way where the tables are turned, and they are the ones in power. It further leaves out the religious understanding put forth by Jesus that all men are prone to sin, and need to repent and be changed by Him. One Man’s feelings of superiority are not confined simply to race. We all bleed red blood, and sin the same sins, which implies that we all need God’s forgiveness.

Also Consider:

CoVid vaccines:

Men believe a science which states that herd immunity will only be achieved when X% of the population become vaccinated. But the truth is, herd immunity was true before there ever were vaccines, and we do not yet have a true vaccine for CoVid. What we have is an experimental gene therapy injection, which as the norm for scientific testing goes, is untested. In fact any time these therapies being called by science today vaccines have been tested on animal trials, they have failed.

What is believed as science on all of these important areas and I won’t go into global warming, but will include, even it, in the assessment on current abnormal beliefs. The assessment is that these beliefs by liberals are all farcical when compared to actual science on each subject. And something is dreadfully wrong in an y society which becomes accepting of them as having anything to do with science.