In a way I can fully understand why Jan never thought that she would see these days. If one has thought for most of their life that the days of Great Tribulation were to be escaped by them; then today they must be amazed. Amazed to see that the church will have no effect on the world or even on the majority of church goers, without a revival brought on by the evil which is present in the earth. The evil day is upon us, and the bride cannot make herself ready until she has defeated and banished from her presence the very one who brings it.

In my book I told of the revival of truth in church doctrine which leads to one bride taken from the ashes of what is now many diverse doctrines. God has only given us one message of truth. Tribulation will resurrect that message, and we will overcome him by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. As you read Jan’s message you will begin to realize how far gone we truly are as a nation; a world and a church today. But remember God warned us of these days, but did you believe Him. Jan and others are still looking for Rapture. So am I but just at a different time than they. Just at a time taught in scripture. J Parks

I Never Thought I Would See the Day

(Part 7)

by Jan Markell

May 19, 2021

It just doesn’t stop. Today, up is down, black is white and evil is good. Thus, I can’t keep up with the astounding stories I read daily and my conclusion is always—I never thought I would see the day!  So, I’ll keep writing just to keep my sanity. I hope I can help you keep yours as well!

I never thought I would see the day when:

• A Presidential administration would undermine our allies and fund our enemies.

• Transgender illegal immigrants would be prioritized over the non-transgendered.

• Non-vaccinated soldiers would be considered “non-deployable”.

• Many good people (Christians and conservatives) would be kicked off of Twitter but a Hamas leader is allowed to celebrate the bombing of Tel Aviv on Twitter.

• The National Day of Prayer would be compromised in 2021, not allowed at the US Capitol, and God’s Name avoided by the US President.

• Many Christians, and even pastors, are in complete denial that the whole Covid – 19 ordeal could easily usher in the Beast system as it is excellent conditioning of the people/sheeple.

• The popular term “my body, my choice” would NOT apply to the people who choose to deny the Covid vaccines.

• Conservatives and Christians in America and Canada would be assigned to second-class status just like the Jews in Germany.

• We would allow China’s social credit system known as ESG to invade North America.

• Almost everyone on the American Left would fall for the biggest scam in the history of the world – the so-called Green New Deal, that if implemented, would bankrupt the world.

• The American Left would be more concerned about “white supremacists” (conservatives and Trump supporters) than Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Men would actually be allowed to transfer to women’s prisons, even though some may be dangerous sex offenders. I thought I understood delusion but this is the essence of that.

Wokism would enter the church even though too many of them are sound asleep! How is such a contradiction possible? It must be the end-times!

• A new book called “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman” has the author asking God to help her hate white people. I thought we were now in a woke generation of tolerance and diversity!

A Canadian dad would be sentenced to jail for trying to protect his daughter from a transgender medical procedure.

• Government spending and debt in America would get so out-of-control that every US citizen would have to pay $800,000 to pay it off!

• Only 6% of Christians now hold to a biblical worldview according to Barna, while 88% of Christians borrow from contradictory worldviews for their beliefs.

That’s enough for this installment. I have to process each bullet point and my brain hurts thinking about each one.

In my lifetime, how are all of these items possible? It is a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this. Many days I wouldn’t trade it for any other generation. On other days, I would like to go back to the days of my family members who fled Russia in simpler times. But, they wouldn’t call the pogroms simple.

Yet, we may be a privileged generation as we are seeing so many foretold events playing out before our very eyes!  Israel back in the land; the convergence of the signs; the predicted perilous times and the anticipated lawlessness.

So, nothing should catch us by surprise! And if the Rapture of the Church is today, that shouldn’t surprise us either! Are you ready? Spiritually ready.

Call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ today (Romans 10:13).

Awaiting His Return,

Jan Markell