Thanks Pat for this article, this kinda says all that needs to be said about the whys, of which one needs to be leery.

It amazes me how people touting the science are so unscientific in their appeal. But then the theory within science is not taught nor is it understood, not any more in the classrooms, so what can we expect. Apart from science God has given us a brain. Too many don’t use it. To them It’s all about trust. Too many today trust this government as being good and benevolent, as having God qualities, but we know that there is none good, not even ourselves, and there is only one in whom we can trust. Ask for wisdom and He gives it, and boy is it needed today.

One thing is certain — the medical profession does not agree on this so called vaccine, as to its potential in effecting the body either positively or negatively in the long term, and thus the experiment is on. Two groups— one injected; one not.

You can forget all the speculation as to what will be its outcome, this article just looks at what we already do know. Read it, and discover what group you are in in the scientific testing of this vaccine.