As to what God intends for our time, I am uncertain. I only know that God is displeased with the evil in our land. Does that mean that He will judge this nation as He did with Israel in Daniel’s day, or does that mean that He will deliver us from this evil as many prophets are saying? The prophets were many, who would often claim deliverance for Israel before she would fall.

I have stated before many times, that the only way we will see deliverance is at God’s own hand. But either way His deliverance comes, whether by miracle for this nation, or instead by the time and way of Great Tribulation for the world before His deliverance, still I will serve and trust Him.

When Jesus stated that many would fall away in the latter times, it appears that their fall may have been expected or prophesied to come, because of the great trials that were predicted to occur during that time of which He was speaking.

I can only tell you that the leaders of this world have this agenda for a coming great reset, and with it is planned all of the things that we see in the Revelation record— One world currency, one world governance, the removal of God, and the exaltation of Satan as god. Daniel was told that in those days near the end, that men would be running to and fro, and that knowledge would be exponentially increased. There has been no other time on earth like this time, where these things are culminating and when good has been proclaimed as being evil and evil is pushed upon us as being good by all of our world leaders. If God does not deliver us, but instead allows us to fall as a nation and a world to these forces, will you who believe the prophets before they are proven still trust Him, or will you lose heart? I believe that we must say as Job said when his days were the darkest: “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him”. This time is not about us; it is about Him. I know that God’s heart is sick over what is happening in this Nation and around the world, I know that because my own heart is sick over what our leaders are allowing to happen here and now this very day.

Jesus will destroy evil from the earth when He returns, but nowhere does it state in scripture that that will happen without His presence. Men are crying for peace today, because peace is missing. Evil is not done away with, but is surely at it’s worst before He returns.

Abide in Him.