If, How long oh Lord, is already the cry of many of us as believers today; then the removal of all restraint on Evil cannot be far behind.

The more we hear the more we realize, that there is none good but God. The article I share today is heart rending because of its content, but because the US engages in such practices without our knowing we cannot question why God’s blessing has begun to be lifted from the US.

Why would God release His restraint upon the evil that is within man? We might think can it get much worse, is there not enough already in this world? Believe me it will get much worse. Perhaps that is the point. Man without Christ must now (today) be restrained from his evil. In order to prove the necessity of God’s restraint upon the evil within man, it then must be seen in full force before its total destruction — it (evil) must be seen by all for what it really is, and it is even worse than what you and I can imagine, and more evil than what we are already seeing.

Shocking Report: US Govt Caught Trafficking Fresh Aborted Baby Body Parts For Experiments