Reiner Fuellmich an attorney with a mission. Will he succeed in this mission? If he does not your future is predetermined, but not your end. Our freedoms cannot really all be taken. We can still say no to the world, but at what cost?

The following article is offered by a truly awake Liberal Feminist CEO of a teck company DailyClout. She tells us where we are headed if Reiner Fuellmich and others like her and us do not succeed. There are as lot of must read’s today aren’t there? Reiner says that I should forget my liberal friends. Those who have already bought into what is coming, but for me to do that would be to say that I no longer love them. So to my included liberal friends it is my hope that you can be awakened by another liberal in this article by one of your own, Naomi Wolf.

Following this read is one answer proposed by Fuellmich in this following video.