What is he saying that is likely the clue to the coming Great Tribulation, and not to the 1000 years of a golden age for the world that he expects?

In this attached 16 min clip Juan tells us that our window of opportunity for the military to act to save our constitutional freedoms is not going to last much longer. He tells us that God will not allow our demise. He says, what we all want to hear, that God’s justice against evil will come, and America and the world will be saved.

What Juan has in his words told us, is that he does not believe in prophetic scripture as do the pre-millennialist’s believe it. His prophetic belief in scripture is different, and it drives what he sees coming, just as mine does what I see, and yours does your sight.

Jesus does not tell us in His explanation of Prophetic events that A golden age will proceed the Tribulation, and His return; but just the opposite. Tribulation when it comes will come quickly upon one generation. It will involve an evil Antichrist system. It will involve a mark of this evil beast like system. It will involve demand for Allegiance to this anti-God, Antichrist system which is Luciferian in its pronouncements and laws. It will involve government control over ones ability to buy or sell.* It is exactly what we are seeing making it’s presence known and it’s entrance onto the world stage of this earths present politic. It will only be stopped by the coming of Christ in His return to earth to personally rule. Juan is post millennial in his theology. Possibly one half of Christian scholars teach prophecy to transpire in this golden age to precede Christ’s return. If Juan were right the church would be growing in its influence in our world, but the opposite seems true.

But as you listen to this message by Juan, he is honest in his warning that if we do not succeed we go into darkness. But thankfully it is not into a thousand years of darkness as he states, but a period approximately seven years in duration, before Christ will break the eastern sky. This darkness is now being revealed to us as a force to be dealt with if you are Christian. It is real, it will not succeed in the end, but it will come, and with it the purging and refining of God’s people. With it the salvation of Israel. Jesus says: he that endures unto the end shall be saved. Endure with Him until the end of either your life or until the end of this age. Your blessed hope is in the coming resurrection of all who die in Christ, followed by the Rapture of those alive at His coming.

*Entrance into stores and restaurants where there is buying and selling is right now being proposed to be linked to whether or not one receives the vaccine. As things progress this linkage by this beast like government will be to all of your unwanted activities. Right now they know who you are, and if you are for them or against them. Do not let them destroy your faith.

This is not a time to be standoffish but a time to stand strong in the armor of God. What will it prophet a man to gain the whole world, but to lose his soul?