I know that many of you have moved on as we all must do when nothing seems to be happening, but several days ago one of our followers informed me that all of Sydney Powell’s claims of election Fraud were lies, and that she herself had admitted that nobody would believe what she had said, and when I went on line sure enough that was all that I could find being reported. It was another unified talking point making its way throughout the media.

I, being familiar with litigation assumed that this was a tactic being used by Sydney’s defense team, but now the story I find was denied and refuted by Sydney and her defense team.


Powell states that this is a tactic being used by the Media and Dominion to take the heat off of the election fraud committed by Dominion.

Fortunately for us, the truth is still being pursued. Arizona State Senate legislator, Mark Finchem fills us in on Dominion’s reaction in his interview in the following video, he reveals the accusation being made by Dominion against those seeking this truth, and it would seem to be all propaganda.


The Lord made clear in Israel’s early history through Moses that the tribes of Israel were to be committed to one another when dealing with the conquest of their land. If they were not committed to one another it was seen as sin before the Lord. And it was told them “But if you do not do so, behold, you have sinned against the Lord, and be sure that your sin will find you out.” Numbers 32:23 NASB

Our country is called The United States, but politically speaking we are nothing like United. In our country today even believers are divided over just who the deceivers must be in this question of Election fraud. One thing that we should all agree on is that the truth would come out. If the accusers are wrong, let them be found out. If sin is involved in the election itself, let it be revealed.

We should at least all agree in prayer to the Lord that surely for the sinner involved in the rhetoric and actions over this election no matter on which side; their sin should be found out.

Reveal the sin in this nation over this election Oh Lord, that we may once again trust our elections.