In this Terry James article that I share here, we find that he factors salvation into the escape of Judgment and wrath.

He states: “Here again is the way to be certain of escaping the coming judgment and wrath.”

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. (Romans 10:9–10)     

So to us in the church salvation does mean exactly what he states it to mean here, even though what he says is not fully stated in this passage. For in order for the wrath and judgment conclusion to be the understood meaning, we must look elsewhere in scripture.

In Ephesians chapter 2, Paul makes clear that after entering the commonwealth with the saints, then we are no longer children of God’s wrath. So salvation does mean escape from wrath, and wrath itself is obviously a part of the judgment of God for those who do not know Christ, because it is promised to all, who are outside looking in on, and not partakers of God’s promises. So one of those promises is our salvation.

And, if salvation carries with it a promise to escape wrath, can wrath then be equated with the whole of the seven year Tribulation? Because if God’s wrath is equal to the Tribulation as it is taught; then no one who enters the Tribulation can be saved, for they are in that wrath, and frankly we know that not to be true. If our salvation is our means of escape; then Tribulation is not that wrath of which scripture speaks, and it is not the judgment to come.

Paul even makes clear in Romans 11, that once all Gentiles are saved, and will and must take place in the Tribulation, that then all Israel will be saved.

So if the Tribulation is not equivalent to the wrath of God meant for just those outside of Christ; then are we justified to claim escape from Tribulation as our promise due to the promise given all believers to escape Wrath?

You see, I agree with Terry on one thing concerning Tribulation. It looks to be very near. In fact if you read the things that he lists here in his attached post from the news sources of our day; then you might say: “yes there is evidence of the soon coming Tribulation”; and then you may also agree that there is trouble ahead for the people of this present day earth.

Looking into that imminent future presents some very different emotions. One results from the realization that we are those believers uniquely entrusted by God with being overcomers in the face of Satan’s greatest hours of deception in the history of mankind; at least his greatest since his attempts to destroy The Christ and His disciples. And Jesus says that this time of his trouble will be even greater than then.

A second reason is like unto it, the knowing that our times will result in the soon coming of our Messiah. In fact, just knowing that He has entrusted to us a measure of faith and a power within that will enable us to overcome Satan with His blood and with the word of our testimony is almost overwhelming.

And then there is the realization that many will fall away from their faith due to the very deceptions of this, the evil day which he brings upon earth.

We must remember that because we are here at this time we have been chosen for this day, and the only thing that we may have to sustain us through its evils, is our faith in Him.

Today you may believe otherwise, but when you begin to see all these things of which He spoke coming; then you will know that you may begin to look up, for your redemption draweth neigh.

Quotes taken from Terry’s attached article. The article is here for your examining.