And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. Matthew 24:4 NASB

If ever there were a time when deceptive tactics were in play in our world, it is in today’s time. In some ways we have had and are being fed personalized information in order that we be deceived into doing the bidding of those I will label as satanically inspired individuals bent on control. Whether or not these individuals are knowingly satanists is not important. There are only two spiritual forces involved in our world. One is the creator, the other is His enemy.

There will come a time during this deception when we His people will be told to come out from among them. Why? – there is coming a total control of the world by satanic influence. Revelation explains that coming time. We are seeing how deception will work. We are also seeing how even the very elect of God’s people will be endangered by such deception. The information in the attached video will allow us to see only a glimpse of what is happening on the world’s surface, but we must realize that the deceiver is Satan himself.

This video is only a report on what has happened. It can serve to open our eyes to what is to come. Thanks Katie for sending this. JP