Prophecy scholars of the pre Millennial School all recognize one thing concerning Israel, and that is that Israel must be established in order for end time events to occur, among those events is her salvation and addition back into the Olive tree as Paul declares it in Romans 11. She is to be preserved during a time known as Jacob’s trouble. It is also agreed that this period of time is covered in the book of the Revelation, as well as in other prophetic scripture passages in the O.T. Scriptures.

Therein we find that the National existence of Israel is key to the acting out of prophetic events contained in scripture. Mike is a Chuck Smith trained pastor and he gets A lot right, and although I don’t know what he does with it. At least his study and application of it is responsible.

Thanks to Jose, for sending this honest message my way. I have not listened to pastor Mike Winger before, so don’t know if he is pre, mid or post Trib, but I must think that he expects the believer to see the tribulation, for the sun moon and stars sign which he embraces occurs after the tribulation according to what Jesus says in his own explanation of the signs of His return. Enjoy the video. I Did.