It would seem to me that Terry is at times in this post abandoning his imminent return thinking. He offers advice to pastors because he says: “The times are getting dark and are destined, according to Bible prophecy, to grow much, much darker.” What is his advice? He says: “And this is why it is imperative that the pastors in the pulpits of America make their born-again flocks know what we face.”

This is one time that Terry does not tell us that the Rapture is the next event on God’s clock. So if he believes that we the body of Christ face much darker times; then just how is this different then others of us warning of Tribulation?

Pre-Trib scholars argue that if you believe that Antichrist will come before Christ; then you violate the understanding in scripture that we are to be looking for Christ’s coming, and imminence would tell us that nothing else is to be looked for before His coming. Yet here Terry tells us that tough times are in store and must be taught.

Of course his prediction is that we will miss the diabolical schemes of Satan against the human race. He puts it this way: “Soon the light would be quenched, even in the true, Bible-believing churches, if not for one thing. “The gates of hell will not prevail” against His Church.”

Prevail means to be more powerful and to be victorious. Obviously Satan does not in the end win, but that fact has nothing to do with his destruction of believers in the killing fields during this age. We have already seen millions of Christians suffer and die at the hands of communism in recent history, and Terry says: “Some wonder if there will not be total socialism—even communist-style, governmental tyranny—in our nation by the end of 2021.”

Terry James is physically blind, but even he is spiritually able to read the signs of our time, and what is happening is not the “comfort” that he preaches.

1 Thessalonians 4:18 Therefore comfort one another with these words. (NASB1995)

Terry and others believing as he does will take this verse, which is included in Paul’s teaching as a comfort to those, who he earlier in the passage tells us were concerned about the death of loved ones in Christ, who have died before this time. This letter is Pauls first writing to any church explaining resurrection. So yes, this is a comforting teaching, for death we are told here does not rob one, in Christ, of eternal life.

What these verses that are for our comfort do not teach, is that the Rapture will occur before the resurrection of all who would die in Christ. What Terry and others fail to tell you is that believers who are in Christ, will die during the Tribulation at the hands of Satanic forces.

Read Terry’s message below with these above thoughts in mind.

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