Here we are at the end of the age and eschatology is all over the place impacting church thinking. We see three basic teachings effecting what is believed to be happening today.

There is the old stand by pre-Trib Rapture groups looking for the imminent catching away of the Church. They expect to likely be out of here soon. Then there are those of us looking for hard times for God’s people, leading to a wrathful ending to the age at the coming of God’s Lamb, followed by the millennial reign of Christ on earth.

But there is a forgotten group to the rest of us when it comes down to what must be happening in our time. This group is made up of believers, who are realizing that without a huge miracle their eschatology may be loosing out to the rise of evil. They are the believers in reformed Theology. They expect to see the rise of Good over evil, and the reign of Christ without His literal return through His church. These seem to be controlling the Christian thought behind the message being pursued in the following video chat. Even though I can’t accept their eschatology (just as I don’t accept the pre-Trib eschatology) still, I can at least hope with them that they would be correct concerning what could happen in our immediate future. So will the the hand of God be stayed in the process that is developing toward the end of the age? Notice that I did not say Church age, for there is really no “church age” spoken of as such in scripture, just as there is no millennial reign without Christ’s presence on earth. Israel and the city of Jerusalem will be the prominent place of Christ’s rule on earth, with us His bride over a mortal earthly kingdom, made up of both Jews and Gentiles, just as is the bride made up of immortal Jews and Gentiles, who are then as now, one new man.

So be inspired, even hopeful in what you hear in the video, but understand the eschatology behind it’s inspiration. And don’t forget we are living in a time of deception.