The question I ask here seems to be a popular one. No one seems to know for sure.

Even though I don’t know the answer, still his thoughts are pretty popular with most of us Trump supporters, myself included. It’s not that I think that what he says will surely happen, even though we think that it should. But then we thought that we should have seen the election fraud exposed by the State legislatures themselves, but it didn’t happen. We should have seen the electors returned to those same State legislatures for further investigation when these states were asking for that to be done by their letter to Pence, at the senate electoral college approval on Jan 6Th, and it did not happen. We should have seen it happen at the Supreme Court level with the many cases presented, and it did not happen.

So why believe that it will happen at the military level as Juan is suggesting? Because, that is who we are. Some would say we are gullible. We expect God to always bless this country. We believe that right always wins over wrong, and there was much wrong perpetrated in this past election. We think that what is happening in the Biden Administration is evil, and that therefore we should win. All of that and more cause us to want to believe that Juan O Savin, who ever he is, is right.

What He says could happen if God is favorable to answer our calls for justice, but remember this world is not just even though God is. We cannot hold God accountable for upholding His word concerning His blessing of a nation that just may not have earned that blessing. Listening to this video may provide hope, but that hope will only come to fruition should God determine that it should. Apart from that Juan calls for civil war, good luck with that. If the military does not act it means that they are also against your hope, and it means that your hope is not really in God, but in what you expect of God for a nation which just may not be deserving of God.

Remember, we just may be living in the wrap up of this age. If we are then your expectation of winning is well placed, but it might not happen the way you hoped for, but the way God determines. Now sit back and consider Juan’s take: