At the very end (all the way to the bottom of the page) of this post and every other post, is the list of topics under which posts are made. By clicking on the topic you wish to study, all of those posts will be listed in order from the last posted on that topic to the oldest.

For example, should you want to find the very first article written on CoVid, you just click on CoVid in that menus and every article from the first to the last is made available. The first will be at the bottom.

If you are unable to find the scriptural answers to what you are looking for within the topic, please leave a comment in the comment section of the blog post that you are on. If you think my point goes against scripture please begin a dialog with me. We are all searching for the truth that God’s Holy Spirit is leading us into. We do not all know all truth. It takes the body working together to edify the whole. We must challenge one another with scripture if we expect to positively impact one another.

One thing is for certain today — there is much confusion in Doctrine. We are responsible to study to show ourselves approved, we are also to edify, correct, teach, and pray for one another. The bride has not yet made herself ready. If she had we would have been Raptured and with the Lord.

I began this blog as a result of doing what the scriptures tell us to do — study, and from that came my books on prophecy. If you wish to get involved with this blog, you should think about starting with the “foundational” section located in the listing of topics at the top. There are several perhaps controversial but I think necessary posts in that section dealing with doctrine which is just another way of saying dealing with truth taught in scripture.

Enjoy the articles and share the ones you like. God bless.