So why am I conflicted? I trust the Bible, God’s word to us, which tells us that when we see the world moving toward a United government with evil intent toward God’s laws and His people, that then we should consider the days numbered. For it is then that we should expect a sinister and deceptive, but Charismatic world leader and an advancing tribulation followed soon by Jesus return. We in other words should expect the things of Revelation to transpire shortly.

Certainly our own nation is in the throes of this sinister underlying evil plot toward one worldism. It’s almost as if God had set Trump up in leadership in this nation in order to expose, to anyone with even a casual understanding of Revelation’s message, just how far along we actually are. But Trump did more than that he was a vessel to used to haunt that movement. Now that he is gone the evil actions are rocketing forward. But is this not what we should expect?

So why am I conflicted?

It is for this reason: there is another purpose for us and our time. For if God wants as the word states “all to come to a knowledge of the truth”; then there must be a great revelation of a different kind than what is in the book of the Revelation. There must be a revelation of the truth yet unexposed to the masses, if the masses are not enlightened as to the real truth they have no chance to find Him before they are forced to worship another. So, I am conflicted because I dearly want our God to miraculously break in upon our country exposing its evil even further, and revealing His righteousness to the world’s masses by so doing.

So though I want to see Jesus return even though I know it will mean great suffering still I am praying for the miracle of a deeper revelation of first this election fraud, and then the evil that is behind it. Only if it is exposed can the true evil that is behind it be exposed.

I have another reason for thinking that this prayer just may be considered by our Father in Heaven. For in Scripture we are told of the nations who will participate in the beast system that is even now being set up upon the earth. These nations appear both in Daniel’s prophecy in Chapter 7, and in Revelation’s description of the beast. They are the bear (Russia), the lion (England), and the Leopard (Persia), these are devoured or possibly and more likely incorporated into a feared and dreaded forth beast of Revelation’s Antichrist system. We can envision the various conglomerate of nations effected by these beasts ( the British Commonwealth; the Russian lead Soviet Socialist Republic, and the middle Eastern Arab Nations). But there is a fourth Nation that broke off from the Lion. It is a Nation represented in scripture by the wings of an Eagle 🦅. It is a Nation used of God to protect the people of His nation Israel during this coming Great Tribulation. And since it appears that this nation is not allowed by our God to be absorbed and devoured by the coming beastly Antichrist system; then though I know that this Beast must come, still I will pray that our Father will smile once again on this Nation and the Christianized world for the season that is needed to awaken the world to His ever present concern for her, and to strengthen once again the nation represented by the Eagle, and bring His righteousness once again to bear on her government and on her citizens.

God’s will be done. His word is true.