I guess I’m thinking the chances for a take down of the swamp is over. None would ever again attempt it. Yet, It almost seems criminal to me for those who know that the country has been stolen by corrupt and evil men and women, And yet, for these men and women, who do know that it occurred, to allow it to have gone unpunished, is that not itself treasonous?

The military leaders,if they are involved, and yet, did nothing with their opportunity, is that not treasonous?

Yet, the lies that were told concerning 250,000 Chinese troops who had not ever set foot on our continent, was that not treasonous? I guess that my most pressing question is why so many prominent people who promoted, what now appear as mere lies would have been taken in, and would have sucked us in with them. Which fact has in reality given the enemy an even bigger victory. This makes Christians look very gullible, and it only works against us in this day when Christianity is a pariah.

I’m now expecting all of this to only increase the existing and hasten the tougher coming persecutions of believers, resulting eventually in The Tribulation, and the further persecution of any one who is willing to give testimony for Jesus.

And though all of this will one day come; then I remembered, that our God is the same God who had Haman hung on the very gallows that he himself had built. And I remembered that Trump is being impeached in an Unprecedented way, by our enemies whom we are to pray for. And I remembered that many of us are praying for our God to act even now just as He has been known for millennia to do. What might that look like in this impeachment proceeding against Trump? I may venture a guess in tomorrow’s post. May God bless us all.