One writer states: “Ever since the events of January 6, the line among certain Democrats has been that there can be “no healing without accountability.” But this is naive. There can be no accountability for those who engage in surreality, the dark province in which the world is apparently run by a cabal of prominent pedophiles and where Trump somehow retained the White House in a landslide. As long as the president’s supporters insult the notion of objective truth, coddled by conspiracy theories and social-media networks that simulate a sense of community, there will be no common ground to seek, no “America” to reclaim. Perhaps there never was a unified “America,” but once upon a time there was a mutual reality. Until there is again, things will continue to deteriorate. If the Dreyfus affair and France’s Third Republic have any echo today, it is that we have not yet seen the worst.”

Although I don’t agree with this gentleman, for what is hidden has still not come to the light of the general public, but it will be brought forth in an even worse scenario than the one depicted by this writer, and stated in my post concerning my expectations for this Inauguration Day.

One thing that I do agree with him on: “we have not seen the worst”.

Those expectations of mine and others, were really the hopes of millions, but were merely a wish list for the day. A hope that America could yet be saved from socialism and the New World Order. It has not happened, even if it could have been.

So where will God allow us to go from here? It is often stated by Bible prophecy scholars that the US is not in endtime scripture’s events. I believe it to be otherwise. As some few believe, I too believe that the US could well be mystery Babylon surround by much water. If we are; then we are most likely in the midst of the prophesied fall and things will get much worse. But it will not fully come until we will as a country have joined in the New World Order, and until after having seen much of the Tribulation to its near conclusion.

No, it’s not done — not yet. And before it’s over most will wish it had gone the way the patriots had hoped and yes even predicted. Is that hope still alive? Perhaps, but it appears that it may now be only a memory. But, we can all still hope, but this hope may be a false hope. The hope that is real is the blessed hope of Jesus coming to rule, and that hope will not be proven false.