Yesterday I stated that I might attempt a glimpse into what a Haman style impeachment might look like (see the book of Esther). What might this impeachment look like if we lived in Biblical times.

But why do I write a piece like this in the first place? It’s because if God does not act to save us we are gone as a constitutional republic. For it is when the constitution ceases to have meaning in the actions of government leaders that we as the people of that government have lost.

So as an aside, may we actually be living in Biblical times? I have at times alluded to the fact that we may just be, because it appears that we have entered last days or endtime events. Our times then are already in the Bible.

Does that mean if true, that some of what occurs in our time may be preserved for future edification? I don’t know. But I do know that since I speculate, that it would not look exactly as I imagine it here in this narrative. However it is interesting to apply hope to our situation even though we don’t know exactly what it is that we hope for. But certainly we do know what it is that we wish to escape from. So in that vane:

Democrats have presented their case against a former President. The action is not only unprecedented in all of prior history, but it is known to be totally against the constitution. Congress other than creating laws has no jurisdiction over individual non-office holding citizens. However the case is going on in spite of its being against the Constitution of the United States of America.

This already sounds like fiction does it not? So please forgive me for adding a bit of fictional hope. For if God does not act in some way to save us from the evil which abounds, who will?

The case for impeachment is presented with the reason given, being: the use by the former President of the “false narrative” of a “stolen election” in what was a prepared speech supposedly with the riot in mind, or made in order to stir the crowd to riot against the Capital Building and its occupants. This they say is not fiction.

The trial proceeds with its evidence then on to the Senate chambers. Where the defense is hopefully designed to be craft-fully presented; first to show that the inciting never happened, and then to prove that the narrative of a stolen election was NOT false.

The cards are stacked against Donald J Trump, because the Senate is controlled by the opposition party.

In this scenario that I present to you, I present it as fiction, but to instill hope for God has actually done such things for His people before.

Soon after the defense begins the presenting of its case against impeachment, an opposition party member is recognized, who begins with a call for a roll call vote to impeach the former President without further ado. This Senator is immediately struck with what proves to be a fatal heart attack.

The session is in disarray, but quickly adjourns.

The following day when session commences there is only mention of the incident, but following that a new member of the opposition party, who was the night before appointed by the governor of the state which the deceased member had represented. He is seated in place of the deceased member. The hearing of evidence of voter fraud continues. The evidence is overwhelming. One female member of the opposition party becomes very irritated and animated. She objects to the witness testimony, and is immediately struck with a loss of voice, and being unable to speak, exits the chamber. She is warned by an Angel to not return or she would immediately suffer the fate of her former colleague, and she does not return.

The media is in a frenzy speculating over the two events. The female Senator gives out a written statement being truthful as to the facts of her departure. The unbelieving media then encourage her to return to the Senate. There is speculation over how she could be replaced. There are expert witnesses called in by the media to speculate over the final outcome of a future vote taking place without her presence. How many Republicans will possibly join the opposition in favor of impeachment?

When the day finally comes for the voting to commence, it is decided on a roll call up or down vote to decide guilt. The first Republican Senator to be called votes “Yes” to impeach even though this is done in the face of overwhelming evidence as to the existence of the fraud occurring in the past election. This first Republican Senator is immediately struck with a debilitating stroke. Fear enters the chamber like a thick cloud. When the vote resumes it is overwhelming in favor of No impeachment.

There is immediately introduced by the Republican Senator from The great state of Texas a call for new elections in light of the evidence. The vote is unanimous in favor.

Everything about this scenario is unprecedented, but some of it is based on fact of what is now happening though unprecedented. The interventions by God are fictional, yes, but could they actually happen in these biblical times?

God’s will be done.

Do I wish this upon our enemies? No, but I do seek God for His deliverance from them.