First let me just say that nothing is impossible with God. So could He? The answer of course is yes He could.

What happens if He does not? The answer is not pretty. First many Christian ministries who have predicted a Trump victory would be proven dead wrong. I need Not tell you, why, that would be bad for the entire body of Christ. It would bring ridicule. To the world all conservative Christians are the same. Of course we ourselves know that to be false, but that matters not concerning what the world will think. To them Jesus and His followers are the fake news.

Without a Trump victory the deceiver would of course convince the world that they were right all along as to being suspect about there being no validity to Christianity, especially as it is presented by conservatives. In fact, to the liberal Christian this would also ring true. They are already seeing us as blinded by Trump.

So, what else might be a conclusion? Unfortunately, conservative Christians would conclude that many from among their own ranks are false prophets, and that they had never heard from God in the first place.

Also, all Christians who had prayed for Trump to continue in office may need to conclude that one of three things is occurring. Either God is fed up with America and the world and is allowing things to wind down even as they are prophesied to do, which of course could be the case. Or that He is handling His restraint of evil without Trump and basically without answering our prayers in that fashion, and that we were just wrong about Trump and what he stood for, as we were told so many times and in so many ways. And then, some might think: what if God plans to take care of business on His own in His own way, willing that His body be the brunt of the world’s ridicule, but only for a season, in order to show Himself strong.

If this last scenario were to occur it could occur in a number of ways. Our Lord could simply shorten the days of a coming Tribulation as He breaks through the eastern sky and pours out His wrath on unbelievers. Or He could do something very different, and turn the “well meaning” ways of this government’s impeachment hearings back on the heads of the ruling imposters (much as He did with Haman in the Days of Ester). In fact, you may not realize it, but you are being plotted against in these days. So, He (God) could take the charges they make against Trump and against us who are God’s people, the very charges claiming a stirring up and carrying out of a riot, which they say Trump caused by his claiming as he did, us who believed him to engage because of His claiming “A stolen election”. Could God take the evidence already gathered as the defense against those charges and allow for the actual production of that evidence to come before Congress? There is a ton of this evidence presently held already in opposition to those charges. What if God were allowing the stage to be set right now in order to do just that? No one could lay claim to such a vindication for this fraud except God Himself. What if heads were to roll on the gallows of truth, as a result of that Truth actually being allowed by God. Thus exposing before the one half of this nation, which has to this point either had no opportunity to hear, or just plain would not hear.

Now my brethren you have been given some things to think on and to pray on. So think on these things. Then — Pray that God would show Himself strong on our behalf. For who knows but that you and your prayers were created for such a time as this. Vengeance is MINE saith the Lord. Pray that as a result of some similar action by God, that a revival would break out, and that all of these, who are blinded by our enemy and his minions, would be given a second chance for sight.

Could then, the answer to the title of this post be found in your prayers? Seek God with a pure heart, and wait upon Him. Seek Him while He may be found. Pray as though your life depended upon it, because surely the lives of those your younger loved ones will possibly depend on it. Fast if you are led to fast.

I pray that all of my precious grandchildren will find Jesus before the evil one is allowed to take over in the coming of his day. God bless you and may God bless our progeny, and this country.