I was just challenged to reconsider my hateful posts as I may be offending some Christians. I’m not supposed to as a Christian mix my Christian blog with politics. Hopefully I don’t come across as hateful, but to think that sharing truth is not going to be offensive to some people is equivalent to a misnomer.

To say that God is uninvolved in politics is equivalent to tearing complete books from the scriptures. Let’s remove Esther; 1st and 2nd Samual, Exodus, etc. I think you get my point. Without politics Jesus would not have been able to accomplish what He came to accomplish. So here is one more video that I want to share which mixes the two, and should, depending upon your bias concerning this election, either encourage you or discourage you. I personally am hoping that Simon is correct. But I will not argue with God should He determine that our Nation is done as a democracy as it certainly appears if the fraud in our elections is allowed to stand.