Is this true? Is it photo shopped? Things are confusing, but:

BREAKING: Trump Declares Emergency in DC

So what is real? The things that are happening are not only confusing but in some cases even unbelievable. The Impeachment is in a way terrifying, and it is real. The lack of truth involved in the rational for this action tells us just how little regard these leaders have for the millions who didn’t vote for their way of thinking. Remember when communism took over in Russia there were 200,000,000 Christian people slaughtered. Already Christianity is not in vogue in America today. When godless people with this mindset steal power in a nation; then they feel empowered to do whatever they think necessary to retain that power. After all they already have gotten away with treason. But treason doesn’t matter so long as you retain power.

I’ve heard all my life — it can’t happen in america. Yet, it is happening right hear, right now. As Trump supporters we are told that we need to be reprogrammed. What will that mean? How long will it be until it also comes? They will come for guns first. They already talk of doing this. Will they actually do it? That is the question isn’t it.

One thing I believe is sure, because they have not yet seen anyone willing to stand up and fix the fraud that they employed in this election you will never be able to vote them out. And just remember those who did stand up are now pariah. The Trump legal team, Ted Cruse and the others who challenged the electoral college are now being looked at in this way. So are you if you support them. Perhaps this is why only a fraction of your vote is allowed to count.

One thing is sure, if we don’t stand up now, we lose America. From what I see we may have already lost her. May God help us.