We consider this nation and its governance a special gift to us from God. I certainly do not intend to downplay the idea of Democracy, but it’s blessing is waining. Joe’s “Build Back Better” is straight from the New World Order. This Country has stood against the enemies of freedom for ages. It has stood for the right of every individual to express his or her own ideas and opinions and the rights of others to reject those opinions and ideas. But those ideals are at risk.

For, when a majority in any nation rejects its own founding principles and undertakes to entertain different ideals, a drastic change is inevitable. Our Leadership reflects in this nation the desires and the will of the people. This is the prophetic message resonating out of our actions in our day. We are seeing a Government deeply intrenched inside the Capitol beltway and a national media which has become supportive of not our nation but an ideology foreign to our founding and we see it being espoused by such Government. Today the ideals cherished by a Republican Party are no longer the ideals of either the Government bureaucrats and perhaps not that of most of the people who placed most of its elected officials in power.

But wait just a moment that may not be totally true. If this election was in fact stolen then can’t we do something about that. If the majority actually did not vote for the ideals of this intrenched body; then can’t we change things? The answer is yes if we stand firmly behind the legal challenges leading to a Supreme Court appeal. We must encourage them to be willing to step in. Certainly if the fraud is shown to be so egregious that we are appalled as it appears. If the election is then thrown into the House of Representatives, which would give the Republicans the votes needed that they did not have before this election (itself a miracle from God). Can you then easily see the significance of all of what is happening. God has already made things possible to over throw this stolen election of Biden Harris.

But what if even with all of this the turn around still does not happen?

One way of knowing the will of God is to observe what is happening around us. If God has allowed what is now a stacked deck to suddenly appear before us in the form of clear evidence and if He has given circumstance leading to a supportive Supreme Court and House of Representatives, both of which in every case imaginable should vote in favor of the continuation of the constitutional form of governance; then one would think that with the exposing of gross fraudulent activity, then, would we not see truth emerge in victory over this fraudulent one world effort?

Yet, should none of that matter or should it not produce the outcome that one would expect from it; should men lack the courage to bring it about; then we must acknowledge that the will of the people must have led God to a conclusion perhaps unwanted by you and by me as believers.

God wants deeply to bless those who want His blessing. God’s blessing will end for a people no longer wanting nor deserving of same. So though none of us actually know how this will turn out we can certainly see that God has certainly provided the way for truth to win. For sure, only He knows the hearts of men and women in America and around the world.

What we do know is that it will take men and women of strong character and patriotism and above all courage to stand in any evil day against the evil of that day. You and I are called to stand in this gap fully armored. We know that to be standing for truth in Christianity and fighting for Democracy’s freedom, is an every day battle. We are the light on the hill, but if this nation has seen fit to choose another god or another Jesus; then only God knows where that will lead us. And His message for that day when it comes is already recorded for us, who follow Him: “come out from among them my people”

Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (KJV)

God will make clear His will for His people. Either the deep state will fall or the nation will fall. Either way — God’s blessings be upon you His people.