Dominion voting Machines

Of course you have heard of Dominion Voting Machines and voter fraud. Of course the media, big Teck, and the Democratic Party want us to just ignore all of this. So what should we ignore. Much more than this, but here is just one example. You will probably need to click on this memo and enlarge it in order to read it. Please excuse the language — it is not mine. This memo is by a Dominion Company Officer, Eric Coomer.

Eric Coomer Memo

Notice that Christians in addition to Trump are at the heart of Coomer’s tirade. He minces no words, seemingly wanting everyone to know his position. This is why it should come as no surprise to find out that he is also recorded while telling a questioner in a meeting that He has Made sure that Trump will not win. His language is not that polite, but you get the meaning. This is the kind of evidence Trump’s legal team will be presenting to the courts. Dominion’s computers were installed in every Democratic city where election fraud is alleged to have occurred.