Should we not be appalled by what Terry quotes in this article concerning Norway, and her LGBTQ laws which are against the teaching of the truth. But this entire article that I’m sharing with you, from Terry James, is evidence of something else. The teachings concerning our Lords Coming from the Dispensationalist teachers over the last 150 years, has been about the imminent return of our Messiah. Today this has become for many a message akin to the Boy crying wolf. This is an unfortunate circumstance, because Jesus is coming back, and men, who become skeptical because of this circumstance are falsely emboldened by the failure of the message itself to oppose them. Certainly the world is progressing toward that day, but before that day comes we will see not the Rapture of the church, but instead the persecution of the church. In fact such persecution will come not just because of the falsehood of the dispensational message, but because of other false doctrine. All such teaching only feeds the skepticism within the world toward us. And Jesus said this was coming, as false teachings would be promoted by what He called false teachers. I am convinced that a false teacher is a well meaning person, and according to Jesus that person comes saying that Jesus is Christ. Jesus put it this way:

Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. (KJV)

Men professing that Jesus is Christ, coming to us in His name, but deceiving other men and themselves by their teachings. False teaching in Jesus own day led many into unbelief. That should be the logical outcome surrounding false teaching, because if we place our faith in what is taught and what we are taught is false then we become subject to unbelief as that teaching fails.

Example: the prosperity gospel may be great so long as the hearer is living in and is blessed with prosperity, but when prosperity fails; then the false portion of that gospel has failed, and unbelief for many can be its result.

So it can be with the teaching which makes our blessed hope out to only being Raptured away from trouble, when persecution is on the horizon. Our hope is in Jesus the Christ, it is not in prosperity or Rapture, or even in living in a free land. It is in His death burial and resurrection for us. Those, who believe and follow no matter where He leads us, and no matter what befalls us. Each of the Apostles with the exception of John saw a cruel death. They did not expect Rapture, that was not the reason they joined with Jesus in His offer of this New Covenant providing for us eternal life.

So now consider Terry’s message:

We’ve looked a number of times at Jesus’ words about the very end of the age. The Lord told us in very specific terms that it will be like the days …

Salt, Light, and the Spirit of Antichrist