What is happening between Sidney Powell and the Trump legal team? We really don’t know but, everything that this team does is well thought out.

Recently Dr Josh Benaloh a Senior Cryptographer at Microsoft Research, was interviewed by Mike Walker on “election guard software”. The interview was long and technical, but the very fact that this topic is being entertained by Microsoft is evidence of an existing problem with security in our many election systems. This fact was even acknowledged and laughed at at one point in this interview.

So my point is that Sidney Powell is not barking up a dead tree. Why is she now out on her own? She is not on her own. We the people must support her. Trump will thank her as will we. But, It could simply be a strategic move.

Days following the November 3, 2020 election, Joe Biden announced that Peter Neffenger would be appointed as part of the Biden-Harris transition team. Neffenger currently serves as the chairman on the board of directors at Smartmatic, one of the election software companies at the center of the 2020 voter fraud scandal. At least this was the case according to Sidney Powell, and she said that Neffenger may be included in the lawsuit.

Sidney may be setting up for even civil or criminal litigation, who knows. The facts certainly thus far support fraud with the hardware and software as a source if not “the” source for a senile puppet of a deep state to secure more votes than any President has ever done, and it is even more questionable because it was more than even he and Barack Obama the highest vote getter in recent years had done. This nation is not really that dumb.

Don’t become discouraged brethren, continue to pray, either the swamp is going to be cleansed if not drained or our status as an independent nation is going to be lost to these Oligarchs behind this New World Order. We do know that one day this order will come about. Jesus has told us this. The question is will it happen on our watch. We must fight in the prayer room for our young ones and our families.

Sidney Powell in my mind is a true patriot. She is fighting for us the people of these United States of America. She has named not just Democrats but Republicans as being part of this corruption. God bless Sidney Powell and those working with her. She is a true example of sacrifice and courage.