Question — Biden has been out more than twice with the same basic message. We are hearing Biden is not asking for recounts as is Trump. He instead is saying: Keep the faith guys, we’re going to win this. Be calm I am confident that the Biden / Harris ticket will be the winner at the end when all the votes are counted. At the time we first heard this message he was trailing in every outstanding state except Arizona. Yet he was confident, and smiling. The only way to be so confident when you are so far behind in every outstanding state but one is to have assurance that the Democrat machine run jurisdictions who will be counting after election ballot dumps are already working on your behalf to get you the votes needed.

Having said this we actually know that these election travesties are happening, but with little outrage so far on the part of anyone but Trump and some of his voters.

Today illegal means nothing to Democrats. There is no such thing as an illegal alien; there is no such thing as an illegal act on the part of a Democrat politician; and certainly there is no such thing as an illegal manipulation of votes. Not for a Democrat.

So if the courts are not used to determine the legality of challenged votes we as a free people are screwed.

Think of it this way. Are you confident as a conservative, even with the current lead of Trumps in Georgia, Pa, and South Carolina; and with Arizona closing in Trumps favor. No if you are realistic you are not confident. I’m certainly not. Why, because there is something wrong in the monitoring process when it is actually legal to monitor in certain ways, and yet Republicans cannot monitor as outlined by law. We need the litigation in order for the law to be followed. Yet, if the courts disqualify illegalities there will be an uproar alleging Trump’s manipulation of the system.

Lord in order for your will to be done here on earth with (America’s voters), all people must believe in the integrity of this election. We are asking your intervention Lord for a fair election.