Terry asks some very interesting questions in this post. Some of them he asks of God. I will just first state that God may not have spoken all that He intends to speak for this election, but should He allow Biden to succeed what is He speaking in that message?

I would suggest that that in itself would be a resounding — get ready for an even more evil day. I have stated before that this nation will receive from God what it desires. If God has decided that this nation has refused to turn back, then more deception, reprobation, and persecution will be in our future. If this is what is actually allowed by God; then I fully expect the two Senatorial elections, yet to be decided to also go against us and in favor of a socialist agenda. So let’s proceed to Terry’s article.

Election results still aren’t settled as I write this. Presidential Election 2020 is, in my many decades of experience, unlike any other. And this is…

Israel and election 2020