Outspoken Evangelical Christians have stated that Trump is Gods man to lead this nation. I agree with them. Even Joe Biden stated yesterday that he would win this election if it is Gods will. God’s will is the determining factor. Christians have prayed. Men and women including infidels have voted. Fraudulent men have worked their deceptions. God will bring forth His choice. The whys of His choice will be discussed ad nauseam by the pundits, but without even the mention of God. But will the whys even be considered by the church leaders and her believers or even by believers who have boldly predicted the winner?

Right now, as I write this if Trump were to win this election it would require a miracle, and God is the only miracle worker that is known to mankind, all others are imposters and deceivers. But there are many deceivers and they if possible can fool even the elect as Jesus stated it.

If the man that God chooses is the one who has upheld His ways; then we know that there will be opposition, and we must pray that God will remove the opposition as He did for Nehemiah and bring great revival for the hurting and the lost.

If the man that God chooses is the deceiver who only claims to support God and yet throughs Him and His believers under the bus; then we must search ourselves and repent and pray that we might regain some influence on the people of our land through the preaching of the truth of Gods word.

God in the election of a man to lead, always is showing forth His direction for His people. I still pray that the way of righteousness will win this election, for it is not decided until God has spoken through the votes cast and the deceptions either allowed or thwarted by Him through the patriots working fervently to that end.

Pray that God will bring forth His Justice in this evil day.