We have Democrat lead States and municipalities now counting paper ballots which in some jurisdictions do not require signatures, or ID. Additionally in these States it is now known exactly how many additional votes are needed to swing the vote back to the Democratic candidate now losing in each of their states.

When you have a party of corruption on either side, which cares not how they win; then you have a stolen illegitimate government. Democrats tout the counting of every vote; no voter in either party objects to that concept, but absent signatures which can be verified on paper ballots, then the ballot itself becomes very suspect. Ballots suddenly appear in these states and municipalities with no way to confirm their legitimacy.

What this system allows to happen is for the placement of an illegitimate government and what it means is that the votes of around 70 million voters really did not count, because you wind up with a fixed or rigged election decided by the few rather than the many.

Our Congress is accountable to the passage of laws which would keep fraud in our elections at a minimum. Unfortunately any attempt to pass such laws is always objected to by one major party. The public does not insist that this be corrected, and so it is not.

This election will be decided therefore by the courts, and if one vote effecting the outcome of this election is determined by the courts to be illegal, then this same party which does all that it can to steal an election will make it look as though the court decision is the illegitimate culprit, and of course their voters will agree.

If the court refuses to decide; that would only add to the corruption. In this election no matter which ever side wins the presidency, we will have an even deeper division politically speaking. Again the party of corruption benefits. And the media fuels this fire.

The full armor of God is going to be needed in the days ahead. Evil does prevail in societies which forget God who’s truth is contained in the Bible.