Recently I was sent this article by a good Christian friend of our family.

Opinion | For Conservatives to Have Any Hope, Trump Has to Lose – The New York Times. I include it here for reference. I have taken excerpts from it for example of what is happening. Feel free to read the full article. It is long, and this is why my post has gotten long in an attempt to reply to it.

With reference to this article, it must be understood, that it is the only “truth” from a “conservative” bent, which is being allowed in this our day by the Liberal leaning anti-Trump New York Times. They will allow an article which makes accusations concerning Trump’s Administration, some of which are certainly true, but most of which are unfounded and unsupported. In fact some of what Trump is accused of in this article is actually being committed by the far left (The hatred, and attempted tearing down of our country by the left is certainly one such example), which is being completely overlooked, as a failure of the left leaning Democratic Party, by the New York Times, as well as by author of this article. And this is only one such example, but it should be an overriding attention getter, but it cannot be because the media will not carry it as news — why?

The writer of this article is willing to accept the Democratic led tear down of America in order to save the Conservative movement. He does not realize that 8 more years of no borders, of paying for room and board, health care, free college education and Social Security to illegals, will end the viability of a conservative influence on this country, not to mention it will end this country’s influence as a check on the United Nations move to a One World Order, which at its core is intent on the redistribution of this nation, and the Western World’s wealth, (that which has not already been stolen), to the rest of the world.

To quote from the article: “Conservatism believes in limitations on the power of the state, it believes in the rule of law, it respects free markets as a generator of wealth and government and as a means to secure what the founders referred to as “unalienable rights.” It believes in defending the most vulnerable members of society, including the unborn. Understanding how easily a large, multiethnic nation can break into warring factions, conservatism finds ways to strengthen our bonds of affection, knowing that despite even deep differences we are not enemies but friends. It believes in objective truth while acknowledging the limitations of human reason and wisdom. We see through a glass darkly, knowing only in part, in the words of St. Paul.”

If you are watching the Republican convention, you have seen evidence of all of this. Trump is a flawed individual, we all are. But if we are to accept executive orders, from a Democratic administration, but not from a Republican, who cannot get any compromise from a democratically controlled house, which only seeks to impeach him, what kind of country are we willing to accept.

And if we are willing to accept a Democratic Party that continually is willing to overlook the “rule of law” and then falsely accuse Trump of overlooking the rule of law, what kind of country are we willing to accept. Think about this: if Trump had abused the rule of law, there would have been legitimate grounds for impeachment. But they came up with nothing no matter how long and hard the tried.

If you watched the impeachment hearings you know how unreasonable and unfairly they were administered.

Now let’s consider science which he brings up in support of the Democrats, and to impute ignorance to Trump supporters. What is implied within this article is that the party of Trump is made up of unscientific morons.

I watched a 1 hour plus video (not the first in this vein on this virus) it was made up of a panel of 8 Drs. in all, who at the end stated that Hydrachloroquine used as a prophylactic or preventative given twice a week to all Americans would alleviate the effects of this virus in 30 days. One of the Drs a black female from Africa stated that in her country of millions there is no effect from the virus, because they all take an over the counter (no Perscription required) weekly treatment of this drug for Malaria, which disease would otherwise be a killer running rampant in their country.

When Trump attempted to promote this there was only an unscientific deceptive response. One which the Democrats and the writer of this article have willingly accepted in order to rid themselves of truth concerning the real interference into our elections. There will be indictments coming down from the AG, in fact there already have been, but the media does not report on these, they hope to destroy Trump before some of them actually do go down.

If you go back in what is becoming our cancelled history, Trump was well respected, rubbed shoulders with and was in fact Democrat, so why has this changed? The article implies he has done some conservative things, but what it accuses him of not doing is mostly erroneous considering all that the writer is willing to overlook.

For example: There is certainly a time for reason and compromise which this article makes the core of conservatism, but compromise can only be reasonable when dealing with reasonable opposition. Otherwise it becomes a giving in to what over time leads to evil. This is what has happened with abortion. With the education of our kids, which has now brought about what is being called the cancel culture. Conservatism and Christian free speech is being systematically cancelled out. Systemic racism is not the problem causing riots in the streets, but it is a factor promoted by the cancel culture which results from their cancellation of the teachings of the true history of mankind as well as of our own. There is certainly a problem with American capitalism, which allows for the accumulation of too much wealth and power in the hands of only a few. This is certainly something that we conservatives should be willing to agree on with the left, but the condition itself only exists because of past moral compromise on both sides, because our current system allows both parties to benefit from the rich who are willing to buy their support.

The article further states:

“When it comes to his policy agenda, Joe Biden is no conservative. I wish he were. But despite efforts by Trump supporters to pretend otherwise, Joe Biden is not Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Moreover, conservatism places a premium on prudence, human dignity, respect for the law and institutions, commitment to truth and reality, and a reasonable and reasoning governing temperament. In all of these respects, and others, Mr. Biden is more truly conservative than Mr. Trump.”

Please tell me how untruths being told by the media every day and being relied upon by Democrats, in order to deceive the people and push their agenda, can be allowed to override and trump Trump’s lack of prudence and human dignity?

I wish he were more prudent and more dignified, but the writer wishes Biden was more conservative. Which one will impact us more negatively. Also in the above quote are listed the following attributes “respect for the law and institutions, commitment to truth and reality,”. Unfortunately I see little of this in today’s Democratic Party. Their truth is to remove “one nation under God” from their version of the pledge and to deny what is happening on their watch to American cities run by them. Their truth is to accuse Trump of dropping the ball on CoVid while they are impeaching him. Their truth is falsely accusing him of doing the very things that they are actually doing, like dis reguarding the constitution, and the rule of law.

The article goes on:

“That doesn’t mean that for conservatives there won’t be considerable costs to a Biden presidency; there will be. But it’s worth keeping in mind that sometimes the worst fears of what the other party will do never come to pass. For example, despite the fact that the Democratic Party supports a virtually unlimited right to abortion, the absolute number and the rate of abortions decreased steadily and significantly during the Obama-Biden administration. That is surely something to celebrate.

What that is is giving credit to Biden for something that their administration had nothing to do with.

His conclusion:

“The 2020 matchup is hardly the one I’d prefer. No matter; it’s the one we have. Given that, there is one choice conservatives should make in the 2020 presidential race. And it’s not Donald J. Trump.”

This certainly would go against everything that conservatism actually stands for, and if we are living in the time of the end of the age as I believe the Bible depicts it to turn out; then we would have played right into the schemes of our spiritual enemy who is underlying much in the politics of our day.