I’m sure that there must be some explanation as to why this happened. But as you can see on Monday Aug 24 I took this screenshot. I took it because, when I picked up my phone the above podcast began to play. I had no podcast app opened. At first I listened, and then took some notes, then the screenshot.

-The Allen Telescope Array

-Setti at home project 1977

Kepler mission. 2009. Looking for inhabitable planets — Similar to earth.

They say: “There are millions”

-The Drake equation. Number of potentially inhibited?

One factor of the Drake equation:The big question will we survive long enough to make contact.

Estimates range from 1-1 million chances for the existence of intelligence.

It would be miraculous if no other civilization existed based on most estimates.

Their big question assumes life:

“What will the first contact be like”?

My observation

But this question is without proof of life. Since 1977 we have apparently been scientifically searching for proof of life.

My thought:

Astronauts have seen in the form of UFO’s an evidence of some life form, but without any intelligent contact or communication through the airwaves.

This question is where is there scientific proof of the life form being human? For as of right now there is no proof that this life, if there is life, is not of a spiritual nature, and not mortal; because there is no scientifically proven verbal contact.

These were my notes as well as my thoughts as I listened. Then I began to search my phone to see why this happened. Then it quit. I went to my podcast app to see if I could find it by title. All that came up were songs with this title?

Why did this happen, I don’t know? Maybe one of you more technical than I can explain it?