My comments: You probably have seen or read about this, but I want to make a point. If the individuals involved with police are anything like those shot by Rittenhouse then we have some definite clues about the young people involved in these riots.

When exactly was the last time that you saw a sane person other than a trained police officer or trained military soldier on duty run at someone with a weapon when they had none of their own? These individuals not only went after Rittenhouse when he was armed, but most of them were apparently armed with plastic bags and skateboards. One of the individuals, who apparently had a hand gun, was possibly the cause of the first killing when he fired it in the air. He was later killed by chasing Rittenhouse possessing an AR- 15, and grabbing for it with his hand gun in hand. These people are either suicidal; drugged up; or they are demon possessed. You just don’t chase while unarmed a man with a deadly weapon, but today we have people fighting with police and getting shot even though they believe the police are out to kill them. Go figure.

Now to the Blaze story:

‘When Rosenbaum advanced, the defendant did a “juke” move and started running … the defendant was trying to evade these individuals’

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