As you know I share many of Terry’s posts. I mostly agree with this post. It makes my points. Tribulation is near. It also makes another point. Read his own intro which follows:

“Every word in the Bible is true—and from God the Holy Spirit. Even when the great apostle Paul says that it is he, not the Lord, saying something, if…”

I totally agree that the Bible is truth. So given this understanding, consider the “age of Grace”, Terry uses this term near the end of this article, yet you would not be able to justify this “age” as he intends it using scripture. In fact grace could only be considered an age if it is applied to the total of the history of man, for without grace at the time of the fall and thereafter mankind could not have continued to exist. Jesus makes clear that there is only on age applying to mankind. It is an age wherein there is “marriage and giving in marriage”. If you look that up, you will actually find it, but if you look up “age of grace” you will not find it. It is true that since Jesus coming we are said in scripture to not be under law but under grace, but it is also true that by faith we are given a new heart upon which God’s law is being written. And it is true that as a part of the transaction we will be judged by our actions according to what we do under that law. Jesus said “if you love Me keep My commandments”. To read Terry’s article click below:

Savior’s Signals!