If it were not for the deep state, I wouldn’t say this. But if you allow yourself to consider that half of the country (those who vote Democrat) are now willing to embrace socialist thought, and so to think that the Democrats have been incorporating Socialism into their platform; then you must at the very least consider that there will in all likelihood be no fair election. You must factor in what you are already seeing — a media sold out to lies and deceptions of leaders bent on complete takeover and elimination of conservative and Christian freedom of thought. You must consider the lengths to which they have gone to destroy this current President. Why? He opposes their way of thinking. And then consider that you already have trouble trusting anything that they say or even what they don’t say. Then you must not just imagine but admit that there is a propaganda machine driven by leaders who desire power over your lives more than anything else. Their rhetoric is unconstitutional, yet they claim to fight for the constitution. Their actions are unlawful, yet they claim to be fighting for the rule of law.

So then you must ask — are we at a place in history when this election can result in the rise of just one party, which will be emerging as the sole possessor of socialist political power. Folks that is exactly what a socialist country in America will be in it’s end game — One ruling elite party. In communist countries it is called “the party”. In this case it may call itself the Democratic Socialist Party. Oh their control will not stop future elections. You would now be expected to vote in the next socialist election where the party leader who is already in power is once again elected by a 95% majority and will remain in power. And he/she will in perpetuity remain in power with similar future elections until such time as he/she either dies or is overthrown in the next Coup by another socialist leader, who is supported by the same deep state (the party) the only voice which will then be allowed to express itself. All others have been given no hearing. They have been effectively silenced. When led by the Socialist we can’t even think of our Divided red and blue States in America.

You say it can never happen here, and I say it is already happening.

This is your future if you do not vote while it will still count against this kind of America.

A scenario similar to this has come about in many countries in the past. In each of them there was a segment of the population who couldn’t believe what was happening. But even as you are now saying; they were also saying “never — no not in our ______,” but for the foreseeable future, we must ask what if our votes are not enough. What if this election is somehow placing within their grasp at this very time in the history of this nation socialism? And if so is the Democratic party and the deep state poised to make all of this happen? — A puppet government that they control, which has already silenced the opinions within the news media, and now is effortlessly silencing the opposition even in the social media. Can they block the internet as well?

I have heard in every election that this is our most important, but until now I have never truly believed it. But today it is here.

The wrong vote will change everything. Speech already is not really free. Your opinion is already being guarded. Big brother is already watching. Get out every vote that you can. Educate your neighbors. Help your already indoctrinated family to understand the history of a one party system, where they control even what you say. The United States is the only power to be currently seen as standing between national freedom and what is being called the great reset to the New World Order.

This order when it comes will not be benevolent. Read to those who will listen the Revelation. It’s time is near. One system of thought prevailing and dominating. And then only the coming of Jesus will be your hope, for there will be no other hope for you.