In the past I had written an article touching on unconditional Election although I did not call it by that name. I will reference that post at the end. There was some discussion concerning that topic. And I know that all did not agree with me, but when we consider reformed theology and 5 point Calvinism it is: a take it all in order to make it work; or find another way of seeing truth.

One alternative “truth” is dispensationalism. I actually have abandoned both Dispensationalist and Calvinist Reformed beliefs — not all. I will explain as we go. I find in my study of the Dispensationalist points, which doctrine I was raised on; that the position leaves much to be desired comparing it to the scripture. What it requires a total separation of God’s people Israel’s sons of the promised new covenant, and us as recipients of this same covenant (Eph. 2). I have in the past written many posts explaining dispensational contradictions with scripture. So I’ll not rehash that at this time.

The one teaching of scripture that I believe must be understood and included in any reliable theology is that all of God’s people according to scripture are seen as having our roots stemming first from a unity created by our being in Christ who is the provider of a new covenant. At the beginning all sprung up from Adam; and our unity was seen in the fall itself. We all were together in sin. Then we proceeded from Noah; God’s people always derived their unity through faith in Him. God’s people derived separation from the world in Abraham – people of faith. Then finally, Scripture makes it clear that we all who are God’s people must come through Jesus, the Messiah. So a future separation of God’s children makes little sense scripturally.

Personally, I have adopted as my position the One New Man approach to scripture. That understanding of scripture places all men who are God’s people under one banner or heading. This concept can be seen in the children of Abraham who are the children of faith, circumcised in heart (Spiritual) not in the flesh. This is what Paul teaches. It can be seen in the Olive Tree’s branches of belief versus the cut off branches of unbelief; it can be seen in Christ. If Israel is not in her Messiah as are we, she will not be saved.

Biblical teaching has caused my disregard for Calvinism as well as for dispensational theology. I have written considerable posts here on this site to explain that. As always, should you want, you may choose to challenge what I write, or disprove it with your understanding of the word. It is always my Intent to remain teachable.

One New Man In Christ, is a position that exists today making us one with the saints, one in the bride of Christ. That position which is taught in Ephesians, is not undone anywhere else in Paul’s own words or in other prophetic teaching. Only believers in Christ will be resurrected and made immortal. Israel’s belief will only add them back into what was their own kingdom in the first place. Being one in Christ, means to the Jew being one in Israel’s Messiah. So Him, whom we are now in, they also will one day be in as a nation and a kingdom. Paul states in 1 Corinthians 15, that only in Christ will man see the resurrection. And Paul tells us that there is a oneness to us, Christ’s own body. All who are dead in Him will be raised an instant before all who remain alive at that moment of His coming. One body as Ephesians teaches. If He comes before Israel is saved then Israel is not one with us and Ephesians then is wrong.

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