We are watching in utter amazement as our country disintegrates almost before our eyes. A country once blessed by God, is now bursting at the seams to rid itself of all semblance of conscience and morality. Liars have risen to the places of leadership. The church stands by in it’s doctrinally divided state seemingly messageless for the young people. Christians who believe that we are in the times preceding Our Lord’s coming for the most part are expecting to be raptured. There is almost an acquaintance to the understanding that these things are to happen, so let them.

Few seem to hear God’s message presented during these days; because most are either awaiting this event (the Rapture), many are just plain lost. Many, who do hear, are as usual not being heard. We fail to realize that Satan is battling for the minds of men. Social media takes down truth and wants the lie to succeed.

Some with whom I have corresponded find themselves torn in a state of guilt, because of the fact that they are blessed seemingly more than what the black race has been blessed in our day. They seem lost in this guilt as they are drawn more toward liberalism’s message. They forget that all blessing is from God.

What is being ignored are the happenings which are being allowed by God in todays world which constitute grave warning. But a warning for whom, if not for the church? For it is the church who has and will continue to carry God’s message to the world. But what message?

What we are probably seeing happen seems to be leading us toward judgment of this disputatious church.

But equally as important: God’s final call for repentance for a lost world is in play here. His call is first for His people to hear Him, and to come out of a world about to be judged. It is our place to be united in Him, and separated unto Him.

So here are the “Unasked Questions” that I am asking: do I long for things to return to “normal” as in, prior to when this virus struck, and prior to the political division brought on with a Trump presidency; or instead do I long for the second coming of Christ Jesus finally to this earth — and that — no matter how much I will be effected by the pain involved in order to bring it about? There will be birth pangs. Are we entering the birthing preceding His coming, and am I willing to be part of that knowing that there will be no pre-Trib Rapture?

Considering these questions, what exactly is the reality of our day?

Have we at all considered what Jesus said that a house divided cannot stand; That no king enters into battle without first counting the cost? And what James communicated, “sin when it has run its course leads to death”. Have the sins of the world which allow this present division in our nation and in our world brought us to the brink of what Jesus told us would be great Tribulation such as the world has not seen, nor ever will again see? — Divisions over choices are not new, but they take their toll. And the fissures are deepening. They are spreading aided by new fissures introduced with the immoral laws being passed by our nations leaders, which are then upheld by its courts. Further cracks are appearing caused by economic stress. This stress is being compounded with rioting and the battle against a virus, which has brought about costs beyond what are reasonable considering it’s reality. Additionally there are costs from ongoing catastrophic weather and fires. All of this contributing to a mushrooming mountain of debt. But the political fissures today lend themselves to grave concern for they embody the struggle for good over evil.

We therefore have a foundation crumbling beneath us and we as a church are found (also) to be divided. This only adds to these foundational fissures; and should give more concern because we are to be a unified body, dealing in eternal truth. But we as a society have remained unwilling to budge.

The word of God, which is now being burned in Portland, has long been either twisted or ignored within our churches, and within their doctrinal disputes, and with this God cannot be pleased.

The deepening fissures are of our own making. What God is allowing to take place is very revealing in that regard. What will happen next only He knows. If we are truly in the last days as we hear and suspect (the last generation of mankind); then it must get worse in order for Messiah to return.

Are we willing to see things get worse to accomplish that end — much worse?

Understanding our times will lessen their impact when the impact comes.